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SMS Marketing Examples to Stay in Touch with Customers Rashi Kundra July 27, 2020 With a 98% open rate and 35%, CTR SMS marketing is an exceptional technique for savvy marketers to bridge the gap amongst all the channels (email, push), scale-down cart abandonment rates, uplift sales and become the best in the eCommerce market. Now in 2020, it’s going to be even bigger as it is becoming a new trend in the contemporary world. 48.7 million people will choose to receive business SMS messages by next year, an increase of 23% from 2016. SMS marketing has become one of the most prominent modern marketing techniques and is also a great option for small companies to make a big impact on their customer outreach. How? Unlike other marketing techniques, SMS acts as a direct line to the customer and builds a personal connection between them and your business. Also, customers are more likely to check and reply positively to a text message than to an email. if you know the power of SMS marketing, you can leverage it for more revenue as performance metrics from SMS marketing campaigns are typically 25x or more than email marketing.


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14. Remind customers about upcoming appointments. If you’re a service company or make appointments, you understand that no-shows have a huge impact on your business—especially if you’re: A hairdresser A service provider that goes to people’s homes (e.g. a pest control company) A restaurant Whether you’re waiting around for customers to show-up or turning down other customers because another appointment is already booked, you can reduce the chances of no-shows by sending appointment reminders via SMS. A text message like, “We can’t wait to see you at 2pm tomorrow! Let us know if you need to reschedule,” reminds your customer about the appointment in case they’ve forgotten. And, if they can’t make it, you have an easy way to get them to reschedule instead of just losing the appointment altogether. 15. Encourage customers to leave online reviews. Positive reviews are important for any business. The average customer reads seven reviews before deciding whether to trust a business, and a massive 90% say reviews influence their decision to buy! Getting a steady stream of positive reviews can be tricky. However, you could ask the customers who have already purchased from you to respond to your text messages with a short review by sending something like: “What did you think of our service?” “Did we impress you?” “Is there anything you were positively surprised about when purchasing from us?” You can also direct your customers to leave you reviews on platforms like Google, Capterra, G2 or Yelp to share their thoughts publicly.


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Gen Y and Gen Z buyers have moved out of email and other platforms and are increasingly wanting to text with brands instead of responding to email. Such reasons have built SMS marketing as an integral part of every direct-to-consumer brand marketing strategy. Brands are also using SMS marketing for various high-volume events such as Thanksgiving, holiday seasons, or for notifications only. SMS marketing for eCommerce brands is incredibly effective and because of this various eCommerce brands like to engage customers on SMS channels for three main things: Boosting brand awareness, Creating engagement from customers, Trigger more sales. Let’s take a look at them.

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